27 May 2018

May Update

Hey guys

So no new game jam this month. SAPAC Challenge bleed through most of it. The results are in and they were not in my favor unfortunately. But now that's all said in done we can move on to other things.

Since there was no jam for the final weekend of the month I figured I would return back to a past jam project and give it a bit of an upgrade, since looking at things through a different light, without the time constraint, or having some more developed ideas seems to help the process.

I chose the game "Shoot Blind" which was made for the GDL January jam.

First up was changing the pretty dumb AI.
Blues where first up, originally they would essentially patrol an area or stay static. They have been updated with a couple of extra steps. First, if they are on screen when you fire your gun, they run to the nearest guard, next they alert the guard to your location, and finally after that they run to the nearest hiding place, telling all the guards they come into range with about you on the way.
The Guards have been updated similarly. They will be alerted to your "last known location" if they are either on screen when you fire, or if a Blue alerts them. They will then travel to that location, where if they see you along the way they will engage, otherwise after they get to your last known location they will then return back to their station. Guards will also update your location to all other guards when you are shooting at them. So if a guard becomes alerted through "hearing" you, it will come to you as well.

This should open up the doors to a few more styles of game play, around the strategy of taking people out, and running the risk of alerting more NPCs to your location, or letting them be.

Silent kills have also been added to the game, so a short range knife attack which allows you to take someone down without alerting anyone nearby. As well as the "blinding" mechanic being removed from the game.

Gun accuracy is still an issue at this point, which Im not sure how to go about solving.
At this point I fell like this is how the game should have been submitted for the jam, and going forward might do some more updates as far as better graphics, and trying to pin down the accuracy bug with the shooting.

Play the Game

Thanks for reading

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