16 January 2018

Looking into 2018

Hi Guys

First post for 2018, hope everyone has had a safe holiday period.

So looking forward this year there is a couple of goals hoping to achieve.

The first is to complete a Game Jam every month starting with GDL January Jam
I competed in a Jam in December last year, but we will count that as a trial run.

The goals for the Jams are to do something new I havnt done before, be it a mechanic, or a piece of technology, though all primarily done in Unity.

The second goal is to release a proper PC game, even to the Alpha stage of game play.
Last year was a bit of a right off as far as releases went, we had Gap it Bit:Remaster  which ended up rushed to the finish, and was off and on again. The other was Pick a Game which is only on Android as it was too basic (read devoid of features) to be released on iOS.

So far there is some pretty promising early ideas

Hoping to have something more to show in the coming month, maybe a little bit of a destruction sandbox or something, then looking into some PvE.

Here is hoping for a much more productive year.

Thanks for reading

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