12 February 2017

Gap it Bit - Remaster Announcement

Hi Guys

So this time around, Ive decided that the original Gap it Bit needs a remaster. Its the first game I released and it gave me a good taste of whats to come next.
The unfortunate reality is it looks like a pile of shit. Im not overly proud of it visual wise and am embarrassed when people check my stuff out, and they see it.
It is also my most successful game (which is not saying much) making up 2/3rds of my total downloads on Android, and a staggering 9/10 of the downloads on Apple App Store.
It hasnt been on the Apple App Store for while, but still gets the odd install on Android.

The main reason for the Remaster so that when people see the game it looks more up to scratch with how Im developing now, vs how I was going 4 years ago.

So while this is mainly a graphics update, there are also updates to the underlying systems that control how the game runs. As well as adding stuff like reward ads, and rate buttons.

Check out the then vs now images below:

Thanks for reading

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