17 November 2016

Hashtagsforlikes.co - App Release

Hey Guys

Weve just released an app in conjunction with Social Envy called hashtagsforlikes.co

Available on iOS and Android to download for free.

The App was built in Unity3d 5.4 to take advantage of the ease of multi platform deployment, and its what we are experienced in. Using the Unity UI system and Animator makes it easy to create some nice transitions too.

On top of that, the app pulls all the hashtag data from a txt file hosted online, so the app can be updated on the fly.

 WWW w = new WWW("Web Address");
        yield return w;
        if (w.error != null)
            Debug.Log("Error .. " + w.error);
            errorText.text = ("Error: Check Internet Connection");
            //Debug.Log("Found ... ==>" + w.text + "<==");
            errorText.text = ("Last Updated: " + System.DateTime.Now.ToString("hh:mm dd/MM/yy"));

        longStringFromFile = w.text;
        lines = new List<string>(longStringFromFile.Split(new string[] { "\r","\n" },StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries) );
        // remove comment lines...
        lines = lines.Where(line => !(line.StartsWith("//")|| line.StartsWith("#"))).ToList();

We also used the Unipaste Asset to assist with coping to the clipboard, And Mobile Native Popups to prompt the user for rating the app.



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