18 September 2016

GDL Game Jam - AI

Day 1

For this game jam we had the theme of AI. I had a lot of trouble coming up with an idea for this one, but after it was revealed that the secondary theme that was scraped would have been 'sports' I think quite a few of us breathed a sigh of relief.

So I was off to a pretty slow start, I was still trying to get Alpha Space Fighter ported to iOS, which involved updates to basically everything I had Apple since it hadnt been turned on since the last game launch. I also decided its a good a time as any to try out the new Unity3d 5.5 Beta, as I want those shiny new splash screens for the next Alpha content update.

Basically its 11 hours in and I am yet to touch code.

The basis of the idea for this one is that you are an AI on a production line, coming up to the testing process, youve either got to pass the procedure, or make a daring escape.

Most of the game play will be UI based as you use code to navigate you primary systems and try and get yourself running in time.

Day 2

So Day 2 ended up being a slow start too. It took a while to get started as life got in the way until about mid day.
Started with getting the boot sequence sorted. Pretty basic atm.

I then felt the best use of time would be to make it look pretty. There is now a user input box on the screen now though, so hopefully can program in some commands easily.

Progress seems to be dragging on this one, its a bit hard to see where its going, as Im mostly making it up as I go along, past jams have had a steady plan behind them, even if they didnt look that way.

The movement in the game was implemented as well as a few more commands to use. Though its very feature incomplete at the moment, and Im at the point were I should be looking at doing the juicing of it soon. To many distractions have been had today.

Day 3

So Day 3 comes around, and I have pretty serious doubts if I can get anything remotely playable finished.

All the self testing code is done. As well as an image to show that has been tested.

I have also set up a navmesh with about 70 agents to make it look a little more exciting....

At this point Im deciding to throw in the towel and submit.

You can play it in itch.io

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