16 September 2016

Alpha Space Fighter - Development - Part 6

New Update, new enemy.

I present the Beamer

This thing is brutal, it will only come into play when you have 1000 score, but when it does you do not want to be in front of this thing.

Next to do in this one is to bring it to the point is ready for release, that means music and sound effects.

This was done using a combination of works found on http://opengameart.org/ as well as using the online tool http://www.bfxr.net/

In the end I decided to leave out music, I struggled to find something that would fit, and at the end of the day I dont think it will make an impact on the game as there is more then enough noise with the sound effects on.

With the game pretty much good to go, time for some quality of life stuff. Mainly for Android users, pressing the back button now pauses and un-pauses the games, goes back through menus, and exits the game on a double tap.

A text prompt was also added to the "Do not buy" button, so that users can see what happens.

This also brings us up to the release stage, the online demo wont be updated again until the full release is launched. The aim at this point is the 29th of September.

I will be posting links to download on Google Play, Apple App Store, and itch.io

Thanks for reading.

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