2 May 2016

Gap it Bit 2.5 - 2 week review after v1.12 and iOS launch

Hi Guys

So its been 2 weeks since v1.12 launched, here are the stats

Before the latest release Gap it Bit had the following downloads:
  • Google Play - 17
  • Slide Me - 470
  • Opera Mobile Store - 67
Analytics were not enabled on the app until the v1.12 update so I cant say how accurate the numbers are as far as real players goes.

The following are the stats for the Unity Ads.
With the results there is a mix between random ads at the end of a play through, and then after making the change to rewards ads.
  • 299 Ad Requests
  • 172 Ads Started
  • 55 Ad Views
Keep in mind the request views are not a useful metric to see actual player numbers, as an Ad only has a 1 in 10 chance of showing at the end of a play through.

Since the update the total downloads are at:
  • Apple App Store - 43
  • Google Play - 20
  • Slide Me - 589
  • Opera Mobile Store - 67
And here are the results for the monitization for the 2 week period.
  •  46 Ad Requests
  •  3 Ads Started
  •  3 Ad Views
Now all this data is not really useful on its own, other than to say that the game was a flop (excluding Slideme, more on that further down).
The key data comes from the Analytics, with user conversion, and retention the big ones in looking where it went wrong.

The the user acquisition for Google Play was a measly 2.15% for April, and Apple App Store was 9.8%. This is a really the crux of it. Tons of visibility and no downloads. 

This really boils down to 3 things.

The Game description is a hard one, if you are like me and suck at this, get someone else to do it. The screenshots for this game I found where hard to make look involving, or in action, since the game world is so static. The trailer would have really helped here. Now the reason I had for this game not having even the out of date trailer was that I couldn't record game play footage smoothly at 1080p 30FPS, which is needed to get the trailer displayed on iOS. 
This was one I really wanted to get right, and felt that if the trailer showed lag, it would hinder the games performance.

Lack of advertising will have negatively affected page views and downloads as well. It mostly consisted of posts to Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, which didnt get much attention. Call to actions on these sites to bring in downloads and reviews got me one review.
 Getting people to actually rate the game as well can be a huge help.There is an arbitrary number you need for them to show up on the stores though, And with iOS the rating resets every time you release a new version. Some of the reading I did on it suggests that one of the best things you can do to help is put a pop up, for players that have played a few seasons, and set it to never pop up again if they dismiss it.

With the user retention we ended up with the following for the 2 week period.
  • 51 Users
  • 14.3% Weekly Average Retention

While the retention rate here is not bad, its not great either. From what Ive found 7 day retention needs to be at around the 20% mark.

This really highlights how the Slideme numbers appear to be fudged. As there are well over 100 users that arnt picked up by the Analytics. Only 8 Android users were reported since the update went live.

The best thing to come out of it are lessons for the future, I can see now where it possibly went wrong (Advertising, Screen Shots, Trailer), and can work to improve those for the next game release.
Writing this out has also helped, as it has forced me to analyse the game data more then just to see are people downloading.

Heres hoping the next release goes better.

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