19 April 2016

Ludum Dare 35 - The Adventures of Box Boy

Ludum Dare 35 - Vote for "The Adventures of Box Boy" here.

Day 1

Theme for this one was Shape Shift.

My initial idea for a game started as a block, that transforms into other shapes to get passed shields that block the path and to kill different enemies.

I started with the first thing Ive ever properly animated.
Introducing Box Boy.

So in the end we have, idle, walking, jumping, and falling animations.

For the Camera to follow the player I "borrowed" this 2d Smooth Camera Script. It took a few tweaks on both this and my camera shake script to get working well but was worth it in the end.

Next up was the controls for changing the player shape. I set bools for these in a script I use to control all the variables that the game requires to run that need to be accessed by other scripts, and that dont get deleted on Scene Change. Next I set up a UI menu that comes on when the player presses the default "Fire1" button on the keyboard. This also slows down the time in the game.

Next time for some game play obstacles, and adding some actual shapes to the character instead of just some coloured cubes.
First I tackled some barriers. These are pretty simple, go through them with the same shape and they break and let you through, go through with the wrong pattern and the push you back. Be careful though, they may change colour on you.

Next was a little monster, this thing had to fight me the whole way, took me 3 times longer to get working properly then Box Boy, so it at up a lot of my time (The GIF still shows some collision issues). Most of the issues I ended up having where too many box colliders on my player, and incorrect rigid bodies on the monster. These guys start with one of the 4 body colours, but to kill them you have to use the opposite colour for yourself.

Day 2

At this stage I still dont know what Im doing for the Level design. I thought maybe white bricks and then "colour" them with like a blood splatter effect. This was a bit tricky to get working, and there are a lot of paid splatter effects on the Asset Store, but I found this tutorial on youtube that got me close enough to what I wanted.

It then becomes attached to the enemies in and shots the colour that they are when they die. As well as setting up a bigger Splatter for the barriers.

For my level layout I had no idea what to do, I stopped on day one because I couldnt figure it out, and I was most of the way into day 2 by the time I did. The colours and the splatter gave me an idea for a premise. "Evil has pulled all the colour from the world, you need to help return it." So with that I made the blocks plain white, just jazzed up the design a little. Now the hard part is How big to make it.

Next up was the UI elements. Start Menu, In Game, Shape Change, and End Game. Pretty basic, but will get the job done. If I have time on the last day I will clean it up to get it looking better.

For the end of day 2 here is an over view of what the level looks like. For me to go through and hit everything it works out to about 3:30 minutes. Should be long enough for a game jam.

Day 3

Day 3 was a bit of a hard one for me, as it falls on a Monday, so required a full day of the usual grind.
By the time I got home and sorted everything out it was quite late, so scrapped the plan of adding a background and cleaning up the menu. In the end I just added sound effects which I got from here.

Overall it was a good experience, learned a lot which is the main goal of these game jams for me.
Looking forward to seeing the results regardless on how it goes, and what comments people give it, but with over 2700 entries it might be a little hard to stand out.

The Game is available on itch.io.



Bonus Images

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