7 April 2016

Grappling Hook Prototype

Hi Guys,

Started working on a prototype for a new mobile game. I was originally going to enter it in a game jam on itch.io from the 2nd to 4th of April. No one else entered so I figured I would skip that, take a little bit more time, and post a few things related to how its build and a link to play it.

The first iteration of it was pretty basic, following a top down camera angle, and only one obstacle, Bats. The rope was created with basic cube objects arranged as a child to each other, then linked together with a hinge joint (Followed this tutorial). The rope was attached to an anchor object that was separate at the top that controls the movement, and has the hit box. This also means you can turn the gravity off on the object. The Player is also linked as a separate object to make it easier to change the models, if say you wanted select-able player models. The slight animation on the rope was done by turning off the mesh renders for each section when the player moves, then enabling them 1 at a time.

Following on from there, the camera angle was changed to view from the bottom, falling off the rope changed, the procedural level creation was implemented, and 2 more obstacles were added. Empty spots, and flame throwers. About here is where I hit an issue, more than 20,000 particles used to generate the below scene, in fact the flamethrower alone is 20k. Now it looks like Im going to have to play the serious optimization game on this one.

1st version of the fire on the left at 20k particles per sec. 
2nd version on the right at 150 particles per sec.

For the empty slots in the game I used a particle system that only generated a small number of object to simulate dripping water, and to at as the hit box if the player goes into an empty box. I found that if there was a static box collider in the space it wouldn't work how I wanted it to, since the anchor effectively teleports each time the player moves, a collision wouldn't be detected.

I have uploaded a prototype to itch.io for people to try out in their browser, or download to their Android device.

Please provide feed back on if you think we should push it out to a full mobile release


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