5 April 2016

GDL Brick breaker game jam follow up

On March 25th I entered the Brick Breaker game jam hosted by Game Developers League. As the name suggests the theme of the jam was to create a Break Out clone, with the idea to create a finished/polished game, rather than a prototype.

 The premise I chose for my game was freeing Aliens from bricks at various locations around the known Universe. The final result was a limited procedural generated game with no end featuring:
  • 6 different brick layouts
  • 156 possible bumper layouts
  • 7 stunning background images from NASA
I was a bit slack and didnt document much of the process so not too much to show. I do have some in progress shots going into the final day however.

 Title Screen

In Game

Game Over Screen

Going into the final day the focus had switched from getting the game running, to finishing up death effects and adding "Juice." This involved adding things like tweening on the ball, power up and death effects, music and sound effects, and cleaning up the menus.

Unfortunately the game didnt place in the top 4, so we will never know how well it did in the competition. You can play the final entry here - Alien Rescue

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