15 February 2018

Unity Asset Pack Release - Voxel Space Ships

Hi Guys

Happy to announce our first asset pack release for the Unity Store.

The Voxel Space Ship Pack.

The models in this pack come from the Alpha Space Fighter game, and includes 8 Voxel Space Ships and 1 Skybox.

Thanks for reading.

22 January 2018

Starting as we mean to carry on - January Jam

Hi Guys

So as promised in the last post, a January game jam has been successfully completed.

This time around it was the GDL January Jam with the theme Silence.

The entry submitted was Shoot Blind

Shoot blind is a top down shooter with basic graphics. The idea is to make to to the other end of the building, while confronting the least amount of enemies you can.

When you do attempt to use your weapon you are temporarily blinded in the direction you fire, and same goes if a guard sees you and opens fire.

There are challenges for going through without killing, without being detected, and for killing everyone.

Hope you guys give it a go and have fun with it.


16 January 2018

Looking into 2018

Hi Guys

First post for 2018, hope everyone has had a safe holiday period.

So looking forward this year there is a couple of goals hoping to achieve.

The first is to complete a Game Jam every month starting with GDL January Jam
I competed in a Jam in December last year, but we will count that as a trial run.

The goals for the Jams are to do something new I havnt done before, be it a mechanic, or a piece of technology, though all primarily done in Unity.

The second goal is to release a proper PC game, even to the Alpha stage of game play.
Last year was a bit of a right off as far as releases went, we had Gap it Bit:Remaster  which ended up rushed to the finish, and was off and on again. The other was Pick a Game which is only on Android as it was too basic (read devoid of features) to be released on iOS.

So far there is some pretty promising early ideas

Hoping to have something more to show in the coming month, maybe a little bit of a destruction sandbox or something, then looking into some PvE.

Here is hoping for a much more productive year.

Thanks for reading

13 December 2017

Gap it Bit - Remaster - Out Now

Hi guys

Good news, the Gap it Bit remaster is finally out.
Ive also seen that its been almost a year since Ive released a new game, with the last one being Abducty Road.

Anyway, it is available for free in the following locations

- Google Play

- Apple iOS

- Slide Me

Thanks for reading

24 November 2017

Pick a Game - New Release

Hi Guys

Been a long time since Ive posted so lets start this up again with a new App release.

Pick a Game

This App is pretty basic. It uses your Steam URL to scan your library for games that you havnt played, and then picks one for you to play. It will also show a full list of the games you havnt played.

Thanks for reading

12 February 2017

Gap it Bit - Remaster Announcement

Hi Guys

So this time around, Ive decided that the original Gap it Bit needs a remaster. Its the first game I released and it gave me a good taste of whats to come next.
The unfortunate reality is it looks like a pile of shit. Im not overly proud of it visual wise and am embarrassed when people check my stuff out, and they see it.
It is also my most successful game (which is not saying much) making up 2/3rds of my total downloads on Android, and a staggering 9/10 of the downloads on Apple App Store.
It hasnt been on the Apple App Store for while, but still gets the odd install on Android.

The main reason for the Remaster so that when people see the game it looks more up to scratch with how Im developing now, vs how I was going 4 years ago.

So while this is mainly a graphics update, there are also updates to the underlying systems that control how the game runs. As well as adding stuff like reward ads, and rate buttons.

Check out the then vs now images below:

Thanks for reading

30 January 2017

Alpha Space Fighter - V1.1 Update

Hi Guys

The version 1.1 update for Alpha Space Fighter is out now on Android and iOS.


Whats new in this update:
  • UI Overhaul - The UI will now perform and look better on a larger range of devices.
  • The Shop menu now scrolls.
  • Reward Videos - Reward videos are now available after every play through.
  • Tips now added to the start screen at every launch.
  • Increase reliability of Enemy Spawn locations to not double up on lanes.
  • Fix bug that allowed for higher level enemies to spawn early game.
  • Reduce frequency that enemies spawn early game.
  • Rate button instead of coming up after 5 plays.
  • Remove Unity Splash Screen.